Math--Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Analyze and Graph Data

Lesson 1: Hands-on: Make Bar and Double-Bar Graphs. Objective: To make and read bar and double-bar graphs.

Lesson 2: Read Line Graphs. Objective: To read line graphs.

Lesson 3: Hands-on: Make Line Graphs. Objective: To make line graphs.

Lesson 4: Hands-on: Make Circle Graphs. Objective: To make circle graphs.

Lesson 5: Choose an Appropriate Graph. Objective: To choose an appropriate graph.

Lesson 6: Problem Solving Skill: Draw Conclusions. Objective: To draw conclusions using graphs.


Vocabulary: data, bar graph, range, double-bar graph, line graph, trends, circle graph

data: information collected about people or things from which conclusions may be drawn

bar graph: a way to show information that uses bars to represent data

range: the difference between the greatest and the least values in a set of data

double-bar graph: a graph used to compare two related sets of data

line graph: a greaph used to show how data change over time

trends: areas in which data increase, decrease, or stay the same over time

circle graph: a graph that shows how parts of data are related to a whole and to each other

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