Math: Chapter 9: Use Multiplication and Division Facts

Chapter 9: Use Multiplication and Division Facts

Lesson 1: Expressions. Objective: To write and evaluate expressions.

Lesson 2: Order of Operations. Objective: To use the order of operations to evaluate expressions.

Lesson 3: Expressions and Equations with Variables. Objective: To write and evaluate expressions and equations with variables.

Lesson 4: Problem Solving Strategy: Work Backward. Objective: To solve problems using the strategy work backward.

Lesson 5: Balance Equations. Objective: To keep both sides of an equation equal by suing multiplication and division.

Lesson 6: Patterns: Find a Rule. Objective: To find a rule and extend a pattern when input and output numbers are given.

Vocabulary: expression, variable, equation, order of operations

expression: part of a number sentence that has numbers and operation signs, but does not have an equal sign

variable: a letter that can stand for any number

equation: a number sentence that shows two amounts are equal

order of operations: rules for performing operations in expressions that have more than one operation



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