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Coyote School News
Coyote School News
bawling  crying out in a noisy way
coyote  a small, wolflike mammal living in many parts of North America
dudes  people raised in the city, especially Easterners who vacation on a ranch
roundup  the act of driving or bringing cattle together from long distances
spurs  metal points worn on a rider's boot heels for urging a horse onwards
Ramon Ernesto Ramirez, known as Monchi, lives on a ranch in the southewestern United States. Life, like the bumpy road to school, isn't perfect. Still, he enjoys writing for the school newspaper, celebrating Nochebuena, and helping with the roundup. Monchi is asked to help brand the cattle, so he has to decide whether to win the Perfect Attendance Award or to follow in the tradition of the vaqueros.