Reading--Great Kapok Tree

The Great Kapok Tree
Great Kapok Tree

canopy     the uppermost layer of branches in forest trees

dangle      to hang and swing loosely

dappled    marked with spots

fragrant    having or giving off a pleasing odor; sweet-smelling

pollen        a fine, yellowish powder released from the anthers of flowers. Grains of pollen carried by insects, wind, etc., to the pistils of flowers fertilize them

pollinate   to carry pollen from anthers to pistils; bring pollen to. Flowers are pollinated by bees, bats, wind, etc.

slithered   moved with a sliding motion

wondrous   wonderful


A man t reks into the Amazon rain forest to chop down a great kapok tree but ends up napping instead. As he sleeps, the creatures that live in the kapok tree whisper in his ear, asking him not to destroy their home. When the man wakes, he looks at the animals gathered around him and decides not to cut down the tree after all.