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Reading--Lost City

Lost City: The Discovery of Machu PicchuLost City
curiosity           an eager desire to know     

glorious            magnificent; splendid

granite              a very hard gray or pink  rock that is formed when lava cools slowly underground 

ruins                  what is left after a building, wall, etc. has fallen to pieces

terraced            formed into flat, level land with steep sides

thickets             bushes or small trees growing close together

torrent              a violent, rushing stream of water 


Professor Hiram Bingham goes on a journey to Peru to find the lost city oVilcampampa. With the help of a farm named Arteaga and a Quechua boy, Bingham find something unexpected--the beautiful and mysterious city of Machu Picchu sitting among the clouds.

Get 2 Months for $5!