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 Ms. Heath's Teaching Philosophy


I define teaching as a life commitment to students, ensuring the highest quality of academics and providing the essentials needed to be a valuable contributor to society. To learn is to gain knowledge, apply cognitive skills, and critical thinking in every phase of life. My style of teaching will focus on providing clear, outlined expectations from teacher and the students’ perspective. , I give the class the opportunity to express expectations they have for me to ensure teaching success. I feel that teaching and learning is a shared responsibility, commanding a significant degree of mutual respect. I believe in the development of soft skills which include cooperation, initiative, self-confidence, and independence. These skills are a direct correlation to maximize the opportunity and receptiveness for student learning. I would integrate kinesthetic techniques as this is a very effective learning style for most students.

The contribution of teaching is immeasurable as it empowers a student to achieve optimal potential to accomplish their life goals. It is imperative to recognize each students learning potential, as this will ensure individual needs are met.