Welcome Page

Welcome To Room 218


 There are many subjects that we will be exploring in our classroom.  I am very excited for the school year to start. A couple of things that I am going to do in our classroom is to create an environment to be like a community.  The class is going to learn what it mean to be a community.  We, as a class are going to formulate classroom rules together and classroom jobs.  We are even going to have a mayor of the classroom and the assistants.  The mayor and the assistants are going to go through once a week and help plan events that are going to be taking place in the classroom.  Together the mayor and the assistants are going to meet with me once a week to work on suggestions for the class and ideas to help make class more enjoyable.  The mayor and the assistants are going to change to after a two week period.  When the two week period is over I would like the mayor the assistants to write about their experience and what they think could have been done better.  Another this is that I am going to incorporate into the classroom is to have the class to team building activities to help them form a community in the classroom.  Creating a community takes a whole lot of work and I do not think that students fully are aware of that.  By helping the class learn more about what a community is I would also like the class to do community service.  The students will be required to do twenty hours of community service.  Once the students have finished the community service I would like the class to write about their experience.