Check out the events!

1.) This week in class we are working on fractions.  The students are doing very well, and they keep surprising me everyday with the knowledge that they obtain.  Specifically, we are seeing which fractions are equivalent to each other.  The children are having fun discovering equivalent fractions and experimenting with the fraction-magnet board.   


2.) In our classroom, we have two rats, Thelma and Lily, that the children love to take care of. Two students a day have a responsibility to feed them and to make sure their cages are closed securely.  Each morning, my students cannot wait to greet Thelma and Lily.  The students have been really good about keeping their hands clean, and other surfaces clean too.  The noise level in the classroom has been a lot quieter since the two new additions as well.  I think the rats are to thank for that.Wink

 3.) The end of the nine weeks is approaching quickly, so be aware of report cards being sent home.

4.) We will be taking our annual field trip to the park.  The trip is April 16, 2010.  Make sure to sign the permission slip, unless your child will not be able to go.  A sack lunch will be provided by the school cafeteria, so do not worry about giving your child money.  We will be walking to the park from the school, so if I could have any parents volunteer to be chaperones, I would greatly appreciate it!  If you are considering being a chaperone, please put a note on your child's permission slip.  Thank you!

5.) Easter break is coming up soon too.  Easter break begins Friday, April 2, 2010-Sunday, April 4, 2010.  School will be back in session, Monday, April 5, 2010.