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National PTA website, Parent's Guide to Success. Advice for parents on helping their children successfully master the Common Core State Standards at every grade level.

Florida on the Rise Podcasts

Florida is on the Rise in the new world economic order. Help get your children on board by learning about our new high school diploma - the one that will be your children's ticket to a better life in the world of tomorrow.

Listen to our Florida on the Rise audio podcasts and get on board yourself. You'll be helping your children.

November is Parental Involvement Month

Parent Involvement month is a time to celebrate the important role parents play in their children's education. When schools work together with families to support learning, children are inclined to succeed not just in school, but throughout life.

The Florida Department of Education recognizes the vital roles that schools and families play throughout a child's educational career.

To help parents and families stay involved in education, we want to share with you a few simple ways to stay engaged.

  1. Establish a daily family routine.
  2. Monitor out-of-school activities.
  3. Model the value of learning, self-discipline, and hard work.
  4. Express high but realistic expectations for achievement.
  5. Encourage children's development/ progress in school.
  6. Encourage reading, writing, and discussions among family members.

Take the Parental Involvement Month Pledge.