Wednesday class 2013 fall

CE/Mesa - Fall 2013                                                                                                   Helen Greenbergs, Ph.D.

Parenting the Two-Year-Old                                                                            

Wednesday 9:15am-12:15pm, CRN 3715J                                                                 cell phone: 619-518-4810    



Welcome to class!!  What an amazing gift you are giving your child and yourself by being here!  


Course Description (expanded from SDCCD website):  Adults and children learn together how to make the transition from babyhood to childhood. Focus on the language-learning, play, exploration, and behavior management that are part of overall development and become the groundwork for intellectual and social growth in the two-year old.  


Student Learning Outcomes: The goal of this course is for you to achieve these outcomes.


1. Students will demonstrate improved knowledge regarding normal child development, in multiple areas including physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.


2. Students will demonstrate improved understanding of strategies to nurture and enrich child development, especially in children 24-36 months of age.


3. Students will report increased knowledge of strategies to manage challenging behaviors, including crying, whining, tantrums, aggression, and disobedience.


NOTE:  All students are encouraged to complete a class journal – taking simple notes at discussion time – and to earn a certificate of completion for the course.



Our Daily Schedule

 9:00    Sign-in, Nametags, Set up, Craft

 9:20    Circle time, Questions/Sharing

 9:40    Discussion Group I

10:20   Discussion Group II

11:00   Snack TIme    

11:15   Transition and Clean Up

11:30   Music and Movement

11:45   Closing Circle


How to Get the Most Out of Class

1.  Attend class every week – unless you or your child are sick


2.  Sign in everyday – and sign out if you leave early -- Our attendance sheet is a legal document from which we verify attendance and generate the funding to support our program.  Please make sure it is accurate. 


3.  Participate fully – learn names, play with kids, contribute to discussion, help, clean, bring in ideas.


4.  Avoid using your phones as much as possible during class.  In the interest of safety for the children and to improve our interaction as adults, please keep your attention on the children and adults during class time.  If you need to take calls/texts/emails during class time, please take your child and step outside the room.


5.  Avoid all physical discipline of any children, including your own.


7.  Respect our site.  Please take care of our classroom, equipment and materials.  Please eat and drink (and offer children food or drink) only in the lobby or outside areas.  Observe our no-smoking policy.  Be prepared for a surprise cleaning day.


8.  Understand that two-year-olds can be aggressive.  This is normal, and not indicative of a “mean” personality or bad parenting.  It is the responsibility of all adults in the class to carefully supervise in order to prevent children from being hit, bitten, pushed, etc.  Use a gentle, firm voice and manner to redirect children if you see aggressive behavior begin.  Remember - treat each child as you would like your own to be treated.


9.  Keep your sense of humor and perspective.  We all have different styles and can learn the most from eachother if we keep open minds and respect differences.


10.  Please speak with me directly if you have any concerns, problems, or suggestions.  I am always working to improve my classes.


11.  Come prepared to have a good time and learn something new each week.  I do!!!










Sept 4                          Orientations and Registration

                                    Craft/Activity:  All About Me


Sept 11                        Orientation Part II  (competency #19)

                                    Craft/Activity:  Leaves


Sept 18                        Terrific Two’s – Development  (competencies #1-5)

                                    Craft/Activity:  Butterflies


Sept 25                        Positive Discipline  (competencies #7 & 8)

                                    Craft/Activity:  Finger Painting


Oct 2                           Potty Training  (competency #1 again)

                                    Craft/Activity:  Noise makers

                                    PLEASE BRING two toilet paper rolls (empty – after paper has been used)   


Oct 9                           FAMILY EVENING FIELDTRIP – Van Ommering’s Dairy and Pumpkin Patch,

                                                Lakeside - MEET AT 4:30PM (or as early as possible), hayride at 6:00pm

                                    Bring the whole family to share in this class activity!


DIRECTIONS:  Highway 67 N to Mapleview right – to El Monte Rd. left (by 7-11) – 2.3

            miles to dairy on left OR I-8 E to Lake Jennings exit left – to El Monte Rd. right (at 7-11) – 2.3 miles to the dairy on the left


COST for pumpkin patch: $7/child (age 1+) for all activities, hayride and pumpkin;

1 free adult per paying child; additional adults $3

Pictures are OPTIONAL and a price list will be available at class


PLEASE BRING:  picnic dinner, hats, sunscreen, camera


Oct 16                         NO CLASS


Oct 23                         Health and Safety  (competencies #15-18)

Craft/Activity:  Car Painting


Oct 30                         Costumes Party! (please no masks)

Coping with Fears  (competency #5 again)

Craft/Activity:  Pumpkins


Nov 6                          Parenting with Your Partner

                                    Craft/Activity:  Rainbow


Nov 13                                    Two’s and their Peer Relationships  (competency #12)

                                    Craft/Activity:  Handprint painting

                                    PLEASE BRING a t-shirt, pillow case, tote bag, or other item to paint AND a piece of



Nov 20                                    Nurturing Gratitude

                                    Craft/Activity:  Class Thankful Tree

                                    Friendly Feast Potluck – bring a dish to share


Nov 27                                    NO CLASSES – Happy Thanksgiving


Dec 4                           Favorite Holiday Traditions  (competencies #13 & 14)

Holiday Potluck – bring a holiday food to share from your family’s cultural tradition

                                    Craft/Activity:  Trees and Menorahs


Dec 11                         FIELDTRIP – Toby Wells YMCA gymnastics class - MEET AT 9:30am                                       

DIRECTIONS:  I-15 to Clairemont Mesa Blvd W -- to Ruffin Rd left – to Lightwave

                                                right – driveway will be on your right just before Overland Dr.


                                    COST: $5/child (participating in gymnastics class), Adults are free

                                                For Photos – see order forms


                                    Please dress your child in comfortable clothing without buttons/zippers/snaps


Dec 18-Jan 1               NO CLASSES – District Holiday


Jan 8                            Pre Literacy Skills  (competency #1 & 2 again)

                                    Craft/Activity:  Ziploc bag books


Jan 15                          Time Management

                                    Craft/Activity:  Fish


Jan 22                          Kids and the Media  (competency #21)

                                    Craft/Activity:  Spiders



*** Spring semester begins Wednesday, January 29



Other competency topics to be covered during discussion/gripes and brags

Self esteem

Routines and schedules

Attachment and separation

Stress and anger management


Other competencies to be completed individually

Plan and facilitate a craft activity

Help manage children in the classroom (for instance, supervising and interacting when not at discussion)

Lead a small-group activity (for instance a literacy activity, a music activity, etc.)



Parenting 24-36 months


By successfully completing this Course, the student has demonstrated the following competencies:


  1. Demonstrate understanding of realistic expectations for normal 2-year-old development, including language and toilet training
  2. Demonstrate understanding of strategies to create an environment which enriches normal 2-year-old development, especially literacy and social activities
  3. Demonstrate understanding of warning signs indicative of abnormal 2-year-old development
  4. Articulate resources which may help families concerned with problems related to 2-year-old development
  5. Articulate the normal impact of emotional development and regulation on 2-year-old behavior
  6. Describe parenting strategies to nurture healthy self esteem in 2-year-olds


Behavior Management

  1. Describe common behavioral challenges with 2-year-olds, especially related to normal increases in the need for independence and autonomy
  2. Demonstrate understanding of positive discipline techniques for 2-year-olds, especially to increase compliance and manage tantrums
  3. Describe the benefits of routines and schedules for 2-year-old behavior


Social Skills

  1. Articulate the processes of attachment and separation, the role of parenting behaviors in creating these experiences, and the impact of these experiences on 2-year-old development
  2. Describe strategies to facilitate healthy, brief separation as a child grows
  3. Demonstrate understanding of normal 2-year-old peer interactions, including struggles to share, and

articulate strategies to intervene as needed to model skills in negotiation and conflict resolution

  1. Describe strategies to nurture a sense of culture and tradition in one’s family
  2. Describe the benefits of exposing children to other cultures and traditions


Health and Wellness

  1. Describe common safety risks for 2-year-olds, and important strategies to child-proof a home or childcare area while still allowing age-appropriate exploration
  2. Describe current recommendations regarding car seat safety for 2-year-olds
  3. Demonstrate understanding of common health problems in 2-year-olds, appropriate comfort measures, and when to seek professional medical care
  4. Describe current recommendations regarding 2-year-old and family nutrition
  5. Demonstrate understanding of child abuse laws and strategies to prevent child abuse
  6. Describe effective stress and anger management strategies especially as related to parenting and childcare
  7. Articulate current recommendations regarding 2-year-old development and media (including television viewing and computer use)


Classroom Management 

  1. Successfully plan and facilitate an age appropriate craft activity.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to effectively interact with and manage students and children in a classroom
  3. Successfully lead a developmentally appropriate and stimulating activity for a small group of children