wassup students


Parents, if you're reading this skip down to the 5th point I'll be making. (the only points do not matter.)

 1. hello, I am Mrs. Hiya, I hope you have a wonderful time in our classroom. I really don't care for your education. (I'm really here for the money)

2. I will only ever spend money on myself, I will never buy things for our class, or you, students. You will have to supply all of the pencils, desks, glue, scissors, etc.

3. I really hope you can succeed without the help of my class. Even though I teach every subject you will be learning in 2nd grade.

4. I know you cannot read this because, let's be honest, you're a 2nd grader you have no clue what I am talking about.

5. Hello parents! I love to work with children and I care the most about my students then thing else. Do not worry about them, they're in great hands. They are going to learn from a 5-star teacher on YELP, yes, I teach on YELP too. You can check out my link. Anyways let's have a great! school year.