Classroom Supply List

Mrs. Kings Language Arts Student Supply List
**(Donated items will be kept in classroom for students to “BORROW” should they forget to bring their own supply)

•    1 box of large 1-gallon “SLIDER” Baggies - (Donation to Classroom)
(These will be used as independent book bags and will be available throughout the year for students to replace worn bags.)
Please, be sure that they are “SLIDER” bags as opposed to zip lock.  The sliders open and close easier for the students. 

•    **At least 6 pads of 3x3 post-its (any color).
  (These will be used to track students’ thinking while reading independent novels-will be used all year!)
-3 packs will be donated to the classroom
(We can always use more in the classroom if you happen to have more than 3 packs to donate). 
-3 packs will be kept in their personal binder

•    **4 highlighters (any color)
-2 will be donated to classroom
-2 student will keep in their personal binder

•    4-Duo Tang Folders each of a different color.
(Each will be used to organize word study, writing materials, reading logs and journal rubrics)
Duo Tang folders are the folders that have the pockets inside as well as the “butterfly clips” in the center that holds 3-holed punch paper.  Please try to get them with both the “pockets” and the “butterfly clips”.  I have seen them at Target and Walmart.

•    2 sets of binder dividers with tabs - 4 or 5 pack.
       (Please be sure there are tabs on them.  These will be used in the duo-tang folders). 

•    2 marble comprehension notebooks
(One will be used as a reading response book and one will be used as a writer’s notebook)