Reading Response Book Procedure


  •  Your reading response book will be used to take notes in class and respond to

                      independent reading and read alouds. 

  • You will be required to respond 2 times in your response book for homework every week. 
  • Most of your responses will be based on the topics from mini-lessons taught that week. 
  • Occasionally, you will be given a chance to choose how you would like to respond.
  • Your responses will be checked each week to make sure you are writing them. 
  • You will recieve 50 points for each completed response for a total off 100 points for the week. 

                   *This will be a homework "HAND IN" grade.  It will only reflects on whether or not it is complete.


  • Every other week, I will be collecting your response book to assess the content of your writing. 
  • You will then recieve ANOTHER grade for the content of your response.
  • Your grade will be based on the reading response rubric covered in class. 
  • The week I collect your book, you will not have to do responses since you do not have your book. 
  • EVERY PAGE MUST BE TITLED according to the procedure taught in class! 
  • Points WILL BE DEDUCTED for pages not titled
  • Your responses should reflect the beginning, middle, and end of your book. 
  • By the time you finish your book, you will have written about all of the major events from the beginning to the end. 
  • You MAY NOT stop reading one book in the middle and begin another!  You will lose points in your responses!!!!!