Hi! I’m Teacher Shine from Philippines. I am an Online English Instructor. I practically teach English to the non-native speaker. I have been teaching for almost 2 years now. I proficient in what I do, I am well-trained and experienced in this field. I studied Education major in English in University. I also took TOEIC exam. I am well rounded person, I love discover and explore new things to widen my experience. I am not the kind of person who would like to see myself on the exact same spot for a long time. I love to grow as a person and I love to share what I learned through my own endeavour. Since teaching is my passion, I firmly believe that this would help me start or make a difference into someone’s life. I know you would agree if when I say that, each of us aims to inspire other people, no matter how small our deeds are, no matter how minute changes we can give to other people’s lives. And now this seems to be a little heavy already, so let me introduce myself in a lighter way. J As an ordinary individual, I am extraordinary and often extreme, but don’t be scared, Teacher usually handle everything well. J I love details. I am passionate in what I do. Although I’m a chatterbox, I could be shy at times as well. My hobbies would include reading books, watching movies and drinking coffee, I’m  a certified coffee addict. I also enjoy cooking and going out with friends. And of course I certainly love travelling, who doesn’t right? I have been to several countries in Europe and in Asia. And the experience is just worthwhile. Well, let’s talk about the details when we get to class, okay? J


Teacher Shine could give you the following type of Lessons. You can choose according to your preference.


·         Callan Method Classes

·         TOEIC  Review

·         Free-talking

Soon I will be offering Book classes, after I finish making the course.


Each class lasts for 25 minutes. You can choose how many classes you would like to take every day. This way it will be convenient, you can have classes while you are at home.

Classes will be conducted through Skype.

I will be giving 2 Trial Classes to help you decide.

·         First Class will be a brief introduction about the classes and getting to know each other class for 25 minutes.

·         Second Class will be divided into 2 classes, First 15 minutes will be an introduction of Callan Method and the next 15 minutes will be a brief introduction of TOEIC review. So, this class will last for 30 minutes.


Mode of Payment will be discussed appropriately. J


Does it sound promising and suitable to you? Then let’s study together. I will dedicate myself in helping you learn even if it would mean I have to be strict with you. J


So, if you are willing to be handled by a friendly and fun yet good quality teacher, please feel free to contact me through the following:




Skype: teacher.shine


I will be waiting for you in class. Let’s share our stories, learn at the same and have fun. Learning English would be fun. I assure you! J

Truly yours, Teacher Shine. See you in class!