Teachers Pet Preschool (Singing songs with the sophomores)



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What is it?

Teachers Pet Preschool is a school founded 30 years ago and was orginally open to only the teachers childrens. Since then Teacher Pet has openeded their doors to the public. 


What age group do you watch?

We have a seperate center for infants and toddlers that is a few blocks away from the preschool. Our preschool is seperated 

Sophomores 2 year olds
Juniors 3 year olds
Junior-Seniors 4-5 year olds
Seniors 5 year olds


Whats the pricing?

It is $175 per child weekly. Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack is provided. Friday is called our lunchbox day where parents send their child to school with a lunch from home!




Janna Fox


87 Appleseed Lane 

Little Rock 72203 


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