Teacher's Corner

I, Ms. Madison, am your child’s classroom teacher for the school year.  I am an experienced teacher and mother who has over seven years of experience working with children.  Currently, I am in my 8th year at St. Malachy School.  I am not only vested in your child’s education, but in my own as well.  I have earned two Master’s Degrees, the first in Criminal Justice and most recently, the second in Elementary Education.            

                I love educating children and enjoy helping them in their adolescent growth and development.  My goal is to provide students with a positive academic and social classroom atmosphere.  Additionally, students will gain a sense of responsibilty and accountability, become more organized, and have a fun learning experience.  Given my background I am confident that with your continued support we will have a successful school year.  Please feel free to contact me via telephone at 215-232-0696 or by e-mail (k.madison@stmalachy.us).  I would like to thank you in advance for entrusting your child in my care.