Success Starts Here

  Ms. Madison’s Academic Expectations for Success 

· All assignments MUST be completed in a timely and appropriate manner, with the exception of projects (see below).   Time management is imperative and make-up work is not given.

· All projects should be handed in on the specified due date.  *There will be a 10-point deduction for all late projects (only 1-day grace period).  Projects handed in after the 1-day grace period will receive an automatic grade of a 60.  Grades of (0) will not be accepted for projects; therefore students will loss privileges until the assignment is completed. 

· Homework must be handed in on time and fully completed, including weekends.  An incomplete or partial credit will be given if this is not followed.  

 · Assessments will be given frequently and will vary for each subject.  *Pop quizzes can and will be given.

· Children must purchase the specified school supplies.  An unprepared student cannot fully fulfill his/her responsibilities as a student.  *Please notify me if there is difficulty with obtaining classroom school supplies.

· All textbooks must be covered at all times.  *Point deductions and lunch detentions will occur if this not completed.

· All written correspondences MUST BE SIGNED & RETURNED immediately.  Ex: Tuesday folder, test, quizzes, weekly “Newsletter.”   

Please note: Make-up work is not given due to the frequency of other varied classroom assessments.  If extra credit is given, students must receive a grade of 90 or higher in order to reflect a grade change.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these policies.

Please help your child in his/her adolescent development by encouraging him/her to be neat, organized, responsible, punctual, and vested in his/her education.