My child has a birthday; what can I do?

I will help pass out party invitations to the whole class or all the girls or all the boys. Please send a note or email letting me know. You can send a treat that day to class. Treats can be left in the office for me to pass out, or you can come with them at 2:15, and we will pass them out at 2:30. Cupcakes, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, doughnuts, etc. have been sent. These are "special" treats, not a meal, and your child will eat about 2 a month during the year.




I only want to invite a few classmates; can you still help with invitations?

No, you can send them through the mail, email parents, or call them on the phone. Use your School Directory for the information. I know it's hard to have lots of second graders at a party, but I also do not want to hurt feelings during school time. Thank you for understanding.




What about summer birthdays?

Please let me know when you want to celebrate your child's birthday during school. Some ideas are "half birthday" or the month of May.