Class Parties

Class Parties

In our class we like to help plan our parties. We all want to participate, but we also want things to be fair. I will pick

sticks and ask the student which party they would like to host. Then when the month of the party comes, those children 

meet and figure out who is bringing the party items. I will give the parents a copy of what the children picked, and then you 

will give your okay.  Each family can share in helping with two parties this year.  Please let me know if you have any 



The students learn to plan, solve problems, be a team player, and be good reminders for their families.


Party hosts for 2016-2017:


Halloween: Claire, Ryder, Bryson, Vivian, Amarissa


Christmas: Amarissa, Logan, Lukas, Carly, Bryson


Valentine’s Day: Corinne, Ryder, Alex, Carly, Vivian


Easter: Alex, Claire, Logan, Lukas, Corinne