Dress Code Standards

Our goal concerning dress is that students are safe, are able to participate in all school activities, and that learning is not disrupted. These standards are in place for all school activities including field trips. Please select your children’s clothing for school with these things in mind: MODESTY, SAFETY, NEATNESS, AND CLEANLINESS. In keeping with these ideas the following standards are required:


  1. NO visible undergarments.
  2. Pants that have cuts, tears should not expose any area that would fall under the requirements noted with shorts, noted below.
  3. Dresses, jumpers and skirts should not be shorter than the wearer’s hand-length above the knee.  Shorts MUST be worn under all dresses, jumpers, and skirts.
  4. Shorts – inseam should not be shorter than a hand-width (palm) of the wearer.
  5. Shoes need a back strap- the shoes should be appropriate for playing during recess, NO high heels or high platform shoes. Shoes should be worn at all times.
  6. Clothing may not have suggestive or inappropriate symbols or words on them. That includes skulls and satanic symbols. NO words or logos written across the buttocks area of short, pants, etc.
  7. Tank top straps must be at least 3 fingers in width of the child wearing the top.
  8. Muscle style tops must have a shirt underneath. NO full open armholes.
  9. NO exposed or bare midriffs when hands are raised.
  10. Neckline of tops must be no more than a 4 finger width of the wearer from the clavicle of the child wearing the top. No tops off the shoulder.
  11. Hair may NOT be dyed with spray or hair color. Except as approved for “special” event days.
  12. All students should refrain from wearing make-up. IF a Middle School student (Grades 6-8) needs to wear make-up, it should be worn modestly.
  13. For special occasions when a swimsuit is to be worn at a school function, girls should wear one piece or tankinis with the top covering their midriff. The bottoms must cover the wearer. NO thong or mini two piece items allowed. If that is the only type suit the wearer has available they will need to wear a t-shirt over the suit. Boys are to wear boxer style swim trunks.
  14. Tennis shoes must be available and worn during P.E.


If a student does not have appropriate clothing on for outdoor play they may lose their outside play time. This decision will be made by the classroom teacher.

Children should follow all good health habits and rules for cleanliness and good grooming concerning dress, haircuts and general appearance. 

Appropriate clothing encourages responsible behavior and should not draw undue attention. A student who comes to school inappropriately dressed will be issued an over-sized t-shirt to wear for the day and/or the parent will be contacted to assist in bringing appropriate clothes for their child to wear. Plus a dress standard concern notification will be sent home with the child. If an oversized t-shirt is provided it needs to be returned clean to the school office within 72 hours. 


If you have any thoughts or concerns do not hesitate to contact me at the school office.


Joy in Jesus,  Miss Sandy