School Spirit Week

School Spirit Week




MONDAY, Jan. 29:  MAGIC KINGDOM MONDAY--wear your favorite Disney clothing; Mickey, princesses, Star Wars, etc.

TUESDAY, Jan. 30:  TEAM TUESDAY--wear your favorite team clothing, any sport, any hobby

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 31:  WACKY TACKY WEDNESDAY--wear crazy, tacky, mixed-up clothes

THURSDAY, Feb. 1:  THINK PURPLE THURSDAY--Rollertowne--Wear your Purple Field Trip Shirt

FRIDAY, Feb. 2:  FLANNEL FRIDAY--wear clothing made of flannerl--shirts, dresses, pajamas, etc.

Your child may wear clothes to fit the day--it's supposed to be fun, not a competition, so please don't go out and buy things!  Try and find things around the house that will fit the theme.  Remember they still need to work in class and play outside so keep that in mind--it could be wet or muddy.