Spelling Lists Grade 2

Week 1

ask, sat, fan, map, hand, cap, sad, fat, bat, as, and, for, you, that, have

Challenge: basket, napkins, salad, wagon, hammer

Week 2

send, bell, well, help, fell, went, spell, next, tell, end, one, had, not, but, what

Challenge: melon, celery, lettuce, vegetable, elephant

Week 3

hit, fill, will, wind, miss, milk, win, hill, bill, fit, all, were, when, we, there,

Challenge: crisp, twist, nibble, wiggle, swift

Week 4

dog, doll, stop, cot, log, fog, spot, pond, nod, lot, can, your, which, their, said

Challenge: smock, model, hobby, bonnet, glossy

Week 5

jug, mud, just, hunt, club, drum, jump, dust, rub, cup, if, do, will, each, about

Challenge: gruff, stump, tumble, puddle, stuff

Week 6--Review

ask, hand, send, next, milk, wind, fog, pond, just, cup

Plus 10 more that follow these rules

Week 7

chalk, fall, wall, talk, ball, walk, small, tall, call, all, how, up, out, them, then

Challenge: mall, stall, squall, stalk, crosswalk

Week 8

flat, glass, plant, dress, front, bring, grass, glad, clap, class, many, some, she, these, would

Challenge: frisky, grumpy, fluffy, glossy, shrimp

Week 9

wink, sing, sink, king, long, ring, hang, bank, wing, drink, other, into, has, more, her

Challenge: swing, blink, cranky, finger, shrink

Week 10

give, come, does, done, been, head, some, live, have, said, two, like, him, see, time

Challenge: glove, gone, shiver, shovel, nothing

Week 11

cute, wave, robe, late, mule, tape, joke, fire, pipe, base, could, make, than, first, been

Challenge: chute, crate, twine, zone, size

Week 12--Review

all, talk, grass, front, sing, drink, said, does, late, joke

Plus 10 more that follow these rules

Week 13

safe, day, rain, say, play, ate, stay, save, may, wait, its, who, now, people, which

Challenge: stain, daisy, spray, plate, space

Week 14

sea, week, eat, beef, neat, need, seat, seem, read, seen, made, over, did, down, only

Challenge: easel, teach, seek, sneeze, stream

Week 15

my, try, mile, cry, fry, nice, by, sky, fine, dry, way, find, use, may, water

Challenge: mime, spice, pry, nylon, penny

Week 16

old, know, road, cold, grow, hold, low, told, own, coat, long, little, very, after, words

Challenge: coach, roast, golden, follow, foam

Week 17

cook, sick, cave, kiss, rock, cake, kick, lock, look, luck, called, just, where, most, know

Challenge: cast, stack, dock, tackle, cartoon

Week 18--Review

wait, say, eat, seem, my, nice, told, know, lock, cake

Plus 10 more that follow these rules

Week 19

fly, clean, sleep, free, grade, drive, train, tree, please, slow, get, through, back, much, good

Challenge: braid, grease, pleat, sleeve, fluffy

Week 20

boy, oil, joy, coin, toy, soy, boil, join, toys, coins, new, write, our, man, too

Challenge: point, foil, voice, noise, soybeans

Week 21

birds, boxes, eggs, glasses, boats, dishes, boys, foxes, girls, wishes, any, day, same, right, look

Challenge: trucks, sneakers, guesses, houses, radishes

Week 22

walked, looking, planted, asked, jumping, filled, talking, needed, spelling, played, think, also, around, another, came

Challenge: pressed, followed, drifted, cracking, sleeping

Week 23

wood, took, too, noon, good, root, book, boot, wool, food, come, work, three, must, because

Challenge: moose, scooter, choose, stood, woodpecker

Week 24--Review

please, train, boy, boil, girls, boys, asked, needed, good, too

Plus 10 more that follow these rules

Week 25

put, want, many, out, saw, who, off, any, from, her, does, part, even, place, well

Challenge: says, lion, full, pull, move

Week 26

how, count, cow, clown, house, town, loud, now, ouch, down, such, here, take, why, help

Challenge: frown, towel, sound, cloud, about

Week 27

he's, what's, don't, I'm, that's, doesn't, there's, she's, isn't, here's, put, different, away, again, off

Challenge: couldn't, wasn't, aren't, weren't, hasn't 

Week 28

far, farm, art, park, car, part, dark, star, hard, arm, went, old, number, great, tell

Challenge: start, party, parka, scarf, parade

Week 29

chop, each, when, chin, what, such, why, much, while, which, men, say, small, every, found

Challenge: chatter, bench, wrench, whisper, whenever

Week 30--Review

many, off, loud, down, don't, that's, car, park, chop, what

Plus 10 more that follow these rules

Week 31

for, more, corn, or, door, fork, horse, torn, store, born, still, between, name, should, home

Challenge: acorn, porch, stork, hornet, boring

Week 32

shine, rush, shoe, cash, short, dash, bush, shore, wash, shout, air, own, under, never, left

Challenge: brush, march, shift, shiny, shoelaces

Week 33

they, teeth, those, than, tooth, these, moth, them, both, thank, right, good, could, again, with

Challenge: thought, something, fourth, thistle, thimble

Week 34

deer, here, meet, tale, hour, tail, hear, dear, our, meat, could, want, doesn’t, walk, girls

Challenge: read, red, too, to, two

Week 35

inside, myself, bedroom, football, birthday, downtown, baseball, cannot, outside, into, always, wouldn’t, were, friendly, found

Challenge: birdhouse, daylight, yourself, sweatshirt, basketball

Week 36--Review

store, door, wash, short, they, both, our, hour, birthday, cannot

Plus 10 more that follow these rules