Classroom Expectations

                           Arrive on time  I would appreciate if everyone is in the seat before the bell rings. That way we will start the instructions on time and be able to finish everything

                                                            before the class ist over. Additionally, there won't be any unnecessary interruptions from the students that are late for the class

         Be respectful and responsible  Any kind of disrespect won't be allowed in teh classroom. I will treat my students with respect and dignity and the same will be expected from them,

                                                            namely to treat adults and their classmates with respect. Also, they will show that htey are responsible by being safe and being ready to learn.

                   Follow given directions  I will expect from my students to stay focused during the instructions. They will show that they are focused by following the directions and trying

                                                            to do what is expected from them. I don't expect everyone to succeed all the time, only to try to do the given task.

                                  Ask questions  I would appreciate if the students ask questions if they don't understand something. That way, I will know that the students are 

                                                            following my teaching and will be able to clarify the instruction immediately.   

                                  Note Taking   Taking notes is an essential part of the learning process. The students may copy teacher's notes displayed on the board as well as take their own

                                                            notes. The notes will be used to complete the homework, to study and approach more challenging problems.