Grading Policy

This policy is designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student's capability to achieve good grades.

The content knowledge is definitely the most important part of the grade.

However, if the student does assigned work responsibly and finishes it on time,

the student will show remarkable progress in this course.

Grading rubrics for the projects and binder check wil be given to the students with the instructions for same.

Content knowledge will take 70 % of the final grade. The grade will be based on the results from the lesson quizzes, "mid" and final unit tests.

Projects will be given once or two times during the grading periods. The students will work individually and in groups showing their ability to apply the previous knowledge through the problem solving strategies. The grade will take 10% of the final grade.

Binder check will take place once per semester. The teacher will randomly pick five items from the index page assigned for the binder on the beginning of the semester. The grade will be based on these five items only and be given according to the greading rubric. The binder grade will take 10 % of the final grade for this course.

Homework will be graded based on the completeness and not correctness. A grading rubric will be sent home on the beginning of the school year and/or upon parent's request. Homework grade will take 10 % of the final grade.