Homework will be assigned every day from Monday to Thursday. Homework will be due next day. I will check and correct homework immediately and return it to students the day after. The returned homework will have precise and descriptive feedback written on the homework sheet (every incorrect problem will be corrected and graded).

After the homework is returned to the students, they will ask questions about the problems they didn't understand and I will explain/ do the problems immediately, before going on with teaching. That way the students will be able to see their mistakes and get the explanation about them.

If the student doesn't return homework for that day, he/she will be allowed to turn in the homework the next day for all days during the week and on Monday for the homework from Thursday. However, if the student doesn't do homework for the entire week, a reminder in written form will be given.

If I don't receive student's homework after the reminder is given, I will call student's family to let them know that the homework is not done. The partial credit will be given for the late homework. The grading rubric will be sent home on the beginning of the school year and/or upon parent's request.