Letter to Parents / Guardians

                                                      Dear Parents / Gueardians,

                                                      My name is Renata Kopic. I am glad to welcome you and your child to my class this year.

                                                      Statistics is very demanding course and all students don't work at the same pace. Some students

                                                      will finish their work in the class, some will finish it at home. Whether the students finish their

                                                      work in class or not doesn't affect their grades. However, I will appreciate if you help and ask

                                                      your child if she/he has to finish the schoolwork or do the homework for that day. Every student

                                                      will have a textbook at home so you will be able to help your children with the problems they

                                                      don't understand. You won't be able to do the homework for your children.

                                                      If you have any comments, questions or concerns I am available to meet you in person each day

                                                      before or after school. To schedule a meeting you may call me at 777 - 777 - 7777 or contact me

                                                      at teachingfortomorrow@yahoo.com .

                                                      I will try to make the classes more interesting, so that each child understands the subject and

                                                      enjoys learning. I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year.


                                                      Renata Kopic