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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!  I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with and you your child this year in the Full Day Kindergarten Class. 

Learning Routines

Communication Folder

This is a clear plastic folder that will travel to and from school everyday with your child.  Please see the letter enclosed in the folder that explains its function in greater detail

Snuggle Up and Read Club    

Each week, your child will bring home a bag containing a book from our class to share with you please see the letter enclosed that explains the following ways in which your child can share their book. Please note the day for the return of their Book to school.

Let’s Do It Together Folder  

The contents of this folder will allow family interaction with some of the reading, singing, and chanting material to which your child is being introduced at school.  Please see the letter in the folder for ideas related to the folder contents and the day of the week for return of the folder.

Friendly Requests


Every day the children eat snack together. It is a social time that allows students the opportunity to practise proper table manners as well as the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves.  Snack time is only 10 minutes long, so please keep the amount of food and drink provided reasonable and easy to access.  Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack. Items such as crackers, cheese, cut up fruit, cut up vegetables, fruit juice, half a sandwich, etc. are suitable.  Please avoid pop, candy, chocolate, chips, and sugar filled cookies.  Please do not send peanut butter or any other product containing nuts. St. Bonaventure is a nut free zone!


Kindergarten is a great and exciting learning year for students. As a friendly request, I would invite parents to please send any extra magazines, buttons, stickers, and glitter to school.  Student enjoy incorporating these items into learning experience!

Classroom Library

Please feel free to send gently used books that are no longer being used at home, to school that we can add to the class library.  Reading is a very important skill we will be learning in kindergarten and having a diverse classroom library will allow students to gain interest in reading.

Physical Education

Physical Education will be held twice a week, please ensure that children wear appropriate closed toe shoes that are non-marking.

Kleenex and Hand Sanitizer  

Your child’s delicate nose may require the occasional wipe. To ensure that we have adequate tissue in the class, every family is asked to contribute one box. In addition, we ask that you also provide a non-alcohol based hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of viruses during the cold and flu season. If our supply runs out there may be an additional request later in the year. 


During the rainy and cold months please ensure that students bring a pair of indoor shoes.  In addition, please label all clothing that will be brought to school with your child’s name.  Hats, mitts, scarves, coats and sweaters are sometimes left behind and I would like to make sure that they get back to the proper child. 


Birthdays are special occasions for young children. As we are a nut free classroom, If your child wishes you can bring a non-edible treat for the class.

Thank you!