Rubric for Science & Engineering Fair

Rubric for the Report and Composition Notebook


Report & Notebook Rubric

5 = superior        3-4 = average     2 = below average            1 = Fair             0 = no evidence                                                 


Title Page

_____ Title, Names, Homeroom number & Due date present

_____ Aligned in the center

_____ Creativity


Table of Contents

_____ Page numbers match the table of contents’ numbers



_____ Purpose & Hypothesis / need

_____ Brief description of the experiment / prototype

_____ Conclusion



_____ Hypothesis / need

_____ Purpose

_____ Explanation of your ideas and how you got them

_____ What and how you hope to achieve when you started your project


Research Summary

_____ Was sufficient background research accomplished

_____ Research was written in your own words or cited


Experimental Section / Engineering Process

_____ Hypothesis / Need

_____ Variables chart or criteria

_____ Qualitative & Quantitative Observations

_____ Material list with quantities

_____ Procedures and safety procedures are complete and listed step–by-step

_____ Experiment is connected to the hypothesis or need



_____ Was the experiment repeated several times to establish validity & / or was the sample size sufficient?

_____ List of the data you measured (Data table)

_____ How well do the charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, prototype design, and pictures present the data

_____ Charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, and pictures are labeled and titles given

_____ Math is correct

_____ Easy to read and understandable

_____ Neat and organized


Discussion (10 points each)

_____ Explained what the data means

_____ Adequate sample size

_____ Stated how the data related to the hypothesis / need

_____ Used every means possible to explain the data collected (difference & average)

_____ Shared how well or not so well the experiment or engineering process went (limitations)




_____ Were the conclusions justified and properly drawn from the experimental / engineering process?

_____ Conclusions are accurately based on the data

_____ Why was the hypothesis / need valid or not?

_____ What would you do differently next time?

_____ What did you learn from the project?

_____ New questions listed


Acknowledgments & Rough Drafts

_____ Present acknowledgments

_____ rough draft / worksheets


Bibliography & Footnotes

_____ At least 6 hardbound books

_____ Six bibliographies are present

_____ used the proper bibliography format


Ideas & Content of the Report

_____ contains an engaging intro that identifies the topic                   

_____ develops a writing assignment appropriate to the assignment (used scientific language)      

_____ Fulfills the writer’s general purpose and specific goals              

_____ includes an effective conclusion        

_____ demonstrates comprehension of the content materials

_____ Demonstration of skills (use of scientific method or engineering process) 

_____ Does the project reflect the student’s own work?                                                         


Structure & Form of the Report

_____ includes a well-developed introduction and conclusion 

_____ Demonstrates proper and effective paragraphing                       

_____ uses a variety of sentence structure                                        


Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics 

_____ contains no more than 9-10 minor errors in grammar and usage                                     

_____ contains no more than 9-10 minor errors in spelling, capitalization, and punctuation         

_____ Typed, quality work          



_____ Originality in approach

_____ Originality in design of project or use of equipment



_____ Notebook’s data is consistent with the contents of the report (data table & graph)

_____ daily record / journal with dates

_____ Pages are numbered and dated          

_____ Organized & neat


_____ Student (s) went above and beyond what the project asked for

_____ report cover present


Total _______________ / 330                   Grade ________% ___________               


The percentage you earned will be used as your grade for the report.



Rubric for the Presentation and Display Board

 In – class Oral Presentation / Display Board Rubric

Write the score next to each category.

0 = no evidence   1 = below average            2 = Fair             3 =  average        4 = superior



_____ Title of the project

_____ Purpose clearly stated

_____ Hypothesis stated and is testable

_____ Summarized research



_____ Understandable brief description

_____ Shared how they gathered the qualitative & / or quantitative observations


Results and Discussion

_____ Explained data tables, charts, graphs, pictures

_____ Shared the discussion 



_____ Was you hypothesis correct or not and why?

_____ What would you do differently next time?

_____ What did you learn?

_____ New questions


Visual Display

_____ Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

_____ Organized

_____ Attractive looking

_____ Items in their proper places

_____ Items are labeled

_____ How well it is constructed?

_____ Was the data expressed effectively?

_____ Graph are properly labeled



_____ Used note cards or memorized

_____ Used eye contact

_____ Creativeness

_____ Clear and well prepared presentation

_____ Used the display board

_____ Level of scientific method understanding

_____ How complete is the presenter’s knowledge on the subject?


_____ Presented on- time


Total score: _________/ 140 Grade: _____% _____ (The percentage will be used as your grade earned for the presentation & display board)