The Process


1.  Familiarize yourself with all three toolbars.  This includes the capture toolbar, the notebook toolbar, and the object drop down menu.  Make sure you find an object to copy on a blank page and practice all functions on the object drop down menu.

See the following quick guides on using the toolbars. This will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Use the links in order to be most effective.


2.  Explore the gallery.  Be sure to look for items specific to your grade level. Find at least ten items.  Four of these need to be from interactive and multimedia folders.


See the following quick guide on using the gallery.


3.  Insert animation. This is a 5 minute video on making animation on the SMARTboard.


***After you have viewed all the tutorials, go through the checklist under Evaluation.  If there is an area you feel you need more work, use the resources given.  Under the resource page, there are also several other guides and tutorials available to use.


4.  Once you feel comfortable with all the software has to offer, think of a concept to develop a lesson.  Use the rubric in the Evaluation section as a guide for your lesson.  Remember, you are presenting this lesson to a school that has never worked with an interactive whiteboard so make sure your lesson incorporates many different aspects of the software.