The Conclusion



SMARTboard is one of the leading interactive whiteboards in the classroom.  Research is showing that students and teachers are reporting positive results.  In 2009, a study was conducted in the United States to see how SMARTboard was effecting classrooms.  "This four-year study, conducted as part of a master’s degree in education media design and technology, concludes that interactive response systems help increase student learning and teachers’ ability to target areas of concern. Interactive response systems enable students to respond immediately to questions and teachers to give fast feedback. Without having to wait until tests and quizzes are graded, teachers can quickly adapt their teaching to address gaps in learning before moving on to more advanced lessons." (Smarttech, 2009.)  According to a teacher study by Michelle Delaney, who used SMARTboard to help students understand the relationships between linear, nonlinear, and exponential relationships, students who used SMARTboard were more involved in the learning and the visualization really increased their understanding.  (Delaney, 2008).

SMARTboard helps teachers differentiate instruction, facilitate individual and small-group learning activities, incorporate interactive learning games, and review content.  It helps students by giving them a visual image to help them understand abstract concepts.  It allows students to interact with the information in a tactile way.  SMARTboard also allows students to show their thinking and share their thinking with other students.  The hand-on visualization aspects of SMARTboard are what makes it a favorite of students and teachers today.

We hope that you have learned the basics of how to operate SMARTboard and how to incorporate it into your curriculum to increase your students level of understanding in math.