Field Trip

busOur Field Tripbus

To end our economics unit, we went on a field trip to Walmart, McDonalds, and the Animal Shelter. At Walmart, we split into 7 groups, and each group had $35 to spend on supplies for the Animal Shelter. (All of this money was raised by selling bracelets). Next, we went to McDonalds for lunch. The kids all got kids' meals and toys. Then, we headed off to the Animal Shelter to deliver our goodies and take a tour. The kids loved holding the cats and dogs and the shelter was very thankful for all of the supplies.


On the bus ready to go!


Heading down the aisle to shop!


Ms. Kelly's group is ready to check out!



Mrs. Welch's group was looking for some food.



Mrs. Wilson's group is checking out.


Mrs. Vernon's group got a lot!


The last group to check out, Mrs. Klinger's group.


Ms. Jenkins' group had been waiting in the cold.


The whole group outside of Wal Mart.




Everybody loved the food.


Mrs. Welch's group got a lot of condiments.


Finally at the shelter


Becki showed us around the shelter


Everyone got to hold a cat.


Becki taught us how to approach a new dog.


Everyone got to hold a puppy.


The boys had their favorites.


I think she liked this one best.



 Look at all of the supplies we got.



We put all of our goodies under the tree.




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