Landforms project

Land and Water Forms Project


To help the students learn about various land and water forms, we did a landform project. Each child was given a land or water form to become an expert on.  They researched that land/water form to find out what it is, where it's located, and if we have it in Ohio. They they were grouped into 5 groups to make a salt dough map. Then, each group gave a presentation and each individual had to explain what their land/water form was.


This group had to create a strait, a glacier, an island, and a peninsula.


This group created a mountain, an isthmus, a mesa, and a cape.



This group made a river, a gulf, a volcano, and an archapeligo.


This group created a lake, a cave, a pennisula, and a waterfall.


This group created a gulf, wetlands, and some hills.


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