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September 25, 2009

 Weekly Learning Forecast



Reading: Students will be starting books in the genre of Mystery. They will also be doing some last minute preparation for the OAT. 

 Language Arts: Students are going to be writing letters to a classmate. They will also be working with different verb tenses. 

Math: Students will continue unit two which involves working with number stories. They will be given different organizers to help them solve the problems. 

Social Studies: Students will be learning about the different branches of local government..

 treeDates to Remember
  • October  6: Fall Reading OAT: It is VERY important that your child is at school this day. Please do not schedule appointments this day.
  • October 9: Interims go out.
  • October 13: Fall pictures





 Braddock's Surf Star


This week’s star student was Riley.

Next week’s star student is Breanna.


From Mrs. Braddock and Ms. Jenkins

This week the students had a lot of tests, but they did a great job. Please review the missed questions with them and continue to practice at home. 

As a fun way to end our week, we did some Johnny Appleseed activities to celebrate his birthday which is September 26th.






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