CryThe year is quickly coming to an end!  We are working hard on our last Georgia Performance Standard which is Geometry.  The students really enjoyed using a compass to make constructions.  Ask them about the 6 construcitons we did in class and about their Geometry Construction Book for Dummies they did as a culminating activity.  We will finish our Geometry standard before Spring Break.  After Spring Break, we will review, review, and review some more! 
CoolMATH TUTORING IS ON TUESDAYS!  Students must turn in a tutoring pass 24 hours in advance to stay.
LaughingMath books are available!  If you would like to have a math book to keep at home for reference, please send in a note via your child and I will check a book out to them.
SmileIf you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at or at 229-903-2140.