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The Teacher Page - Sherri

The trainer will complete the following:

Set up groups of 2 to 4 teachers to collaborate the online "Go Green" newsletter

Research the 4 basic principals of design, which are:  Proximity, Alignment, Repetition and Contrast

Teachers will use the internet to research these principals utilizing existing newsletters with at least 2 good and 2 bad examples prior to beginning their own design.

Teachers will also have access to the following resources in order to create their "Go Green" newsletter:

            Williams, R. (2008). The non-designer’s design book (3rd ed.). Berkeley, California: Peachpit Press.

Williams, R., & Tollett, J. (2006). The non-designer’s web book (3rd ed.). Berkeley, California: Peachpit Press.

Get 2 Months for $5!