Title and Introduction - Giselle




Judith Buhoveckey


Karen Heard


Tara Kirkland


Dana Smith


Giselle Parra-Quevedo


Sherri Wallauer


Grand Canyon University




November 25, 2009



Newsletters are forms of communication that can be used in schools and businesses.   “Newsletters are a great way for websites to provide current and relevant information to their members and visitors” (U-Exchange, 2009).  “Unfortunately, there are also very poor quality newsletters out there that do nothing but discourage a return visit” ( U-Exchange, 2009). When looking for newsletters or creating a newsletter there are specifications that should be looked at. These specifications consist of: audience subject/content, nameplates, graphic, graphic resolution, document size, headlines, subheads, English usage, and of course the four design principles, contrast, proximity, repetition and alignment. This way any newsletter that is read will be interpreted and understood the same way.