Task - Sherri

Teachers, Have you ever wondered why you send home a newsletter?


It is to communicate with parents to keep them informed on their child’s education.


How about creating a newsletter that you would not have to copy and waste paper?


That’s right!  


No spending countless hours creating something over and over again.  The solution is to create a “Go Green” newsletter while modeling to our students “conservation”.


This “Go Green” newsletter would be a model for all to use, however some key factors need to be utilized, such as:  Proximity, Alignment, Repetition and Contrast.


Your task is for each of you to research and become an expert on one of the principles, then get together, share and design your “Go Green” newsletter.

Don't worry, as you continue this WebQuest, there are plenty of resources for you to use to get all the information you need to get started.


Below is an example: