About Us/ Our History

"We Are TeamFIREWORKS. We came here to make a difference in our school, community, and our world. We are TeamFIREWORKS for the Earth."
About Us - 
Founder: Nicole, Grade 6. Long Islander.
Members: Nicole, and Erin. Grade 5. Long Islander. 
Inspired By: The Kids In Action awards (December 2010.)
Why?: "I don't want to sit there, watching the news feeds. I want to go out there and do something about it. If we all did that, this could be a different world." 
Goals: To raise $1,000 dollars for the Japan Relief Fund, to collect $5,000 for kids with cancer, and $1,000 worth of art supplies for kids in hospitals withany  life-threatening illness.
Our History -  
On December 3rd, 2010,  we saw the world in a new light. "I was at a feild trip to the Kids In Action awards. I saw what a condition the world is in right now. I hadn't seen that before. It modivated me to do what I can. I called up some of my friends. Some weren't interested. I admit, some thought the idea wasn't good. I almost gave up. Then, I called Erin. She's been my best friend for a long time." 
Then, in February 2011, teamFIREWORKS was born. "We originally called it Nicole's Art Explosion, becuase I am so passionate about art, and I wanted it to be the thing that I give. Then, when Erin and I listened to Katy Perry's Firework, we had an idea. We called it teamFIREWORKS, becuase we are all a team, and if we start a  spark in the sky, we can all create fireworks together."
TeamFIREWORKS in currently in progress. "We are planning all sorts of events: garage/yard sales, drives, and collections. We are still constructing our websites, and will love to hear from anyone by e-mail (teamfireworks10@gmail.com), or you can contact us at our phone number (1-631-708-9368)."