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Secondary educators will explore information, tools, and resources utilizing technology and other techniques to reach English Language Learners in their classrooms via interactions within small groups and completion of this web quest. Successful completion of inservice requires participation as an individual and group as shown in the rubric.

Before beginning the web quest, take time to determine previous knowledge (Pre-assessment):

1.  As a group, please exchange SKYPE addresses, phone numbers and emails.
2.  Using SKYPE group chat, assign a time keeper, secretary, and discussion leader. Time keeper makes sure the discussion is kept within the timeframe. The discussion leader should keep the group discussion on topic. After the SKYPE discussion the secretary copies the chat on Word and emails the chat session to the instructor:
3.  Using SKYPE, for the next 10-15 minutes, brainstorm teaching methods that you use in your classroom or would like to use to increase ESL learning.
4.  Pick a mutually agreeable time to meet on SKYPE on day 2 to complete the formative assessment.
5.  Begin the web quest.

During the web quest (Formative Assessment):

1.  On day 2, meet at the mutually agreed upon time using SKYPE chat. Discuss with fellow teachers 2 ideas that you have tried from the web quest and 1 question you have regarding implementation into your classroom.
2.  Answer a question posed by another teacher.
3.  After the SKYPE discussion, the secretary copies the chat on Word and emails the chat session to the instructor:
4.  Complete the web quest.

After the web quest (Summative Assessment):

1.  Create a short essay naming and describing 5 methods available to increase ESL learning and integrate technology into your instruction. Include 1 method you tried during this teacher in-service training that was new to you.
2.  The essay should be no longer than 1 page in length double-spaced.
3.  Email the essay using Word to the instructor:

Inservice Rubric






Pre-Assessment: Brainstorming

Submitted brainstorm record with 5 methods identified and described.

Submitted brainstorm record with 3-4 methods identified and described.

Submitted brainstorm record with 1-2 methods identified and described.

No brainstorm record was submitted.

Formative Assessment: Skype Chat

Submitted 2 ESL and technology ideas tried in instruction. Included 1 question on how to implement a technique. Answered another teachers question.

Completed 2 of the 3 elements described.

Completed only 1 of the 3 described elements.

Did not participate in Skype Chat.

Summative Assessment:

Emailed Essay

Emailed short essay identifying and describing 5 methods which can be utilized to increase ESL achievement and implementation of technology in the classroom. A method was described and implemented which was previously new.

Essay was emailed and included the identification and description of 3-4 methods. 1 new method was implemented and described in the essay.

Essay included 1-2 of the methods. A new method was not incorporated in instruction or described in the essay.

Essay was not completed and emailed.

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