Teachers learning how to incorporate technology in an ESL setting will stay in contact throughout the process via e-mail and the chat rooms found in  The instructor and/or the department head will continue to monitor the chats and, in fact, will be included in all of the communiques' whether it is through the e-mail chats or the chat rooms on

Part of the process for the conclusion is to have consistent dates that members of the ESL technology in-service have to check in with the others.  A lack of communication will show the instructor/department head a lack of participation.  The teachers (students) will need to continually commuinicate in order to receive full credit for requirments of the in-service.  Teachers need to participate in chats no fewer than every five days with the other members of the in-service web quest.

One teacher will be assigned the task of summarizing the chats/e-mails within a Microsoft Word document and will submit the summary to the department head as a record of the dialogue/reflections.  This teacher will also e-mail the instructor/department head to invite him/her to evaluate the continual process of evaluation.

Within these chats, the focus of the dialogue needs to be reflection of items learned; items that stood out to the individual teachers; practical tools learned and ways that the individual teacher will incorporate what he/she gained via the in-service web quest into their individual classroom.  This reflection needs to show the department head positive growth in the indivudual teacher's practices.

In conclusion, each teacher will then submit a journal that needs to include these items: 1) what I learned about ESL using technology, 2) How I will use this in-service to benefit my class, 3) practical ideas I can incorporate in my classroom, 4) how the discussions/communiques with my peers helped shape my overall approach to ESL and technology.