1.   Open your SMARTboard software, if you haven’t already, and visit the following site:
·         Hopefully this has given you some basic information that you can use to complete this web-quest.

2.      Now open the following web site in your browser:
·         This link will show you some of the useful things you can create in the notebook program with the SMARTboard.

3.       Now go to your SMARTboard software to try out some of the things you learned from the tutorial. Play around with the different functions and options that are available.

4.       Visit the following site (and also some of those in the resource section of the web-quest) and explore the different activities that SMARTboards can be used for. -->This link contains different activities that can be used with a SMARTboard. It is broken down by elementary, middle, and high school areas as well as general subjects.

5.   Hopefully now you have an idea of what a great tool SMARTboards are! Your job is to create a lesson using the SMARTboard software. Feel free to visit the Resource section to get ideas. The goal is to walk away with something you can use. Have fun, and be creative.