This web quest that was developed by Team Iron for Tec 560 for Grand Canyon University.  The web quest follows the recommended structure for educational web quests developed by the University of California San Diego.  This Web quests give the participant the ability to be guided to web pages and information on the internet. They are focused to information that will help them understand how to use, navigate and be successful using a SMART board in the classroom. A task is given in to parts to understand what the SMART board is, and to develop a lesson for the classroom that can demonstrate the capabilities of the SMART board. The process section is the part of the web quest where the user will navigate to pages that will direct them to the information that will help them complete their project goals. A list of resources is given to help the user with the primary source. This can help the if would like to develop their project further or answer additional questions raised by web quest. An Evaluation rubric is given to assess the web quest process. It can be used to help guide the user, and also give a quantitative assessment score.