Behavior Expectations

We use a card chart system to monitor behavior. In 4th grade children all begin the day on 3. When they choose to break a rule they move down the card chart and are assigned a consequence. 


  • Change to 2: Loss of recess for the day
  • Change to 1: Above consequence and an in class timeout with an assignment.
  • Change to 0: Above consequences, an out of class timeout, and a parent phone call. 
  • If the behavior continues, your child will be sent to Mr. Wray's office with a referral.  

Class Rules 

1. Raise your hand to get out of your seat or to speak.  

2. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3. Follow directions the first time given.

 4. Be a respectful listener to classmates and teachers.

5. Use respectful language and inside voices.