Consider the following scenario:
A first year teacher has just finished teaching math for the day. She says the Poor organizationfollowing to students: “Put away your math book. Take out your reading book. Take out your reading workbook. Turn to page 314 in your text book and page 88 in your workbook. Put away all other materials.” For the next five minutes, students are putting away books, taking out books, passing notes, whispering to their neighbor, getting drinks of water, sharpening pencils, etc. After about a minute and a half of the commotion, the teacher asked the students to hurry up. However, the students ignored her. Then, after about 3 and a half minutes, the teacher turned the lights out. They still ignored her and took their time. Finally, after around five minutes, they were sat down and had their books open.
How would you help this teacher improve her transition times? What areas do you see that she could use help in? Develop a detailed plan explaining what issues the teacher is having and how the teacher could decrease the transition time and increase the student on-task time.