The Process                                                                                                                                  teacher

Be prepared.  When planning lessons, do not forget the transitions in the lesson.  Always prepare for the worst and expect only the best.

1. View this link to watch a classroom video.  Use two column notes while viewing these videos. In the first column, take notes about specific things you see in the first video. In the second column, take notes comparing the second video to the first one. Watch how the teacher and students interact with each other during the transition time.  Keep in mind the time lost or gained during transitions.  View this link and make more observations.  Compare to the first video in column two of your notes.

2. Brainstorm some ideas for transitions as they relate to the teacher you observed.  Make a list of five fun transitions that you think will work for him or her.  Visit these sites for fun transition ideas and make your list. 




3. Think-Pair-Share with your partner. Together, determine the best three transition ideas to share with the group. Make sure you practice before you make your decision. List your ideas and their steps on chart paper. A good idea is to create a flow map outlining the steps. This will help you later when you practice with your students.

4. Present and demonstrate your ideas to the group.  Make sure you walk the others through the process.  Use the flow map to help the group understand.  Remember, have fun with transitions.  The students will participate freely when it is fun.

5. Apply the information you have learned to the task activity. Think about how you would help the teacher described in the activity.

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