For our WebQuest, it is important that teachers model that they understand what transitions are and how to use them. Therefore, the task has you evaluating a teacher's lack of transitions and then explaining how to remedy the issues with transitions. You will need to give a detailed explanation. If you receive a no in any area of the rubric, then you will need to review the materials provided on the process page and then make any necessary corrections to your description. A rubric with a check in each yes box will indicate that you understand how to use transitions and that you have passed this WebQuest activity.

Rubric Made Using:
RubiStar ( http://rubistar.4teachers.org )
WebQuest - Transitions
Teacher Name: Team Yellow
Student Name:     ________________________________________
The evaluator explains at least three issues the teacher has with transitions.  
The evaluator gives at least three suggestions on how to improve the transitions.  
The evaluator gives a detailed description about how the improvements will improve classroom on-task time.  
The improvements are logical.  
The improvements are easy to implement.