Steps for Canon pixma pro-100 wireless setup


Canon Pixma printer 100 pros is a printer, it is a wireless professional inkjet photo printer, with Canon fine technology of 4800 * 2400 DPI, with ink drop resolution. Plus, you can print to CD and DVD drives. Create your customizable albums and covers.


Some access points, often called routers and hubs, have an automatic connection. WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This is the easiest way to Canon Pixma pro-100 wireless setup. If your access point has a WPS button, no password is required to connect. Select the WPS method for connecting the printer.


If your access point does not support the WPS button, use the standard connection method. Your method of connecting to the network is also listed below.


The WPS connection can be installed once some conditions are met. If the WPS push button is available. If you don't have the WPS button, use the standard connection method.


Canon 100 Driver Installation


Use the Starter CD to install the driver.

Load the CD into the system disc drive.

Follow the instructions mentioned on the screen to continue.

Choose the Language option to select the language.

If the file does not display correctly, double-click the My Computer icon.

Click on the CD-ROM icon and select the installation file to install the driver.

For a Mac system, click on the CD-ROM on your desktop.


Incorrect driver installation can be done by downloading it. Install the driver with the help of the on-screen prompts after downloading. Choose the type of connection and finish the process by clicking on the Finish option.


Canon Pixma pro-100 setup process


The steps mentioned below are a process to set up a Canon Pixma pro-100 wireless connection via the WPS connection method.


Simultaneously press the button on the access point and hold down the Wi-Fi button on the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer.

Make sure the power-on lamp lights up immediately along with the Wi-Fi lamp flashing rapidly.

Within 2 minutes press and hold the access point button

Make sure the power lamp and the Wi-Fi lamp are lit.

Your wireless setup connection is made for your Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer.


Canon Pixma 100 Pro wireless connection setup in Windows


After connecting the Canon Pixma Pro 100 to Wi-Fi exactly according to the step mentioned above, follow the steps below:


  • By visiting "", download the printer driver on your Windows computer.

  • Select your printer model from the list given and hit the download option. Click on the driver package option to open the settings once the download process is complete and therefore after completing the installation steps, carefully follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Now to open the control panel, click the windows start button or open the run dialog box and type the control panel and then press OK.

  • Click on the Add Printer option from where the user can check the list of installed Canon printers and then choose their printer from the list and wait a few seconds.

  • The printer will be ready to use once its name is placed in the devices and printers section.


Network setting connection


To confirm that your printer is properly connected to your wireless network, you can print the network printer from the printer you want.

Make sure your network printer is turned on.

Load a sheet of A4 or letter-size plain paper.

Press and hold the resume and cancel button. This button must be pressed. The lamp light blinks 6 times. This step will print the network printer.

When checking the printout, check the connection that it indicates active. And the SSID indicates the correct name of the wireless network.


For Mac setup


Double click the downloaded file to access the installer.

If you allow it, allow the deployment process to continue. Click the "Yes" / "Continue" button.

That way, the "Setup Wizard" is unlocked. Then press "Continue" to continue.

You see the "Software License Agreement" in the next window. Here you can choose the language of your choice by pressing the "Language" drop-down box. Now read the article carefully. Click "Continue". Then click. You can also click "Save" for future reference to lock it.

As a result, the "Application License Agreement" pop-up box will appear to request your permission. So, tap on "OK".

At last, you will have the "Install" window. The disk space used to save the drivers will be displayed here. So make sure your Mac's free disk space is adequate. Touch the "Settings" tab.

After that, you will be prompted for your Mac login credentials. Therefore, please enter your "Mac administrator user ID and password" correctly.

Tap "Software Installation" to go to Canon Pixma Pro-100 setup later.

Now, wait until the installation is complete. To close the installer, press "Exit".




After following the above steps still, you have an issue with the canon pro-100 setup, so you can contact us any time to fix this issue our expert technicians available 24*7 for your help. it's best for you if you allow the remainder to our technical experts; they're skilled enough to subdue any sort of issues together with your printer.