How to diagnose hp printer problems?


In recent years, tech giant Hewlett-Packard has introduced a series of ultra-compact printers that come with advanced mobility specifications and are designed to deliver professional-quality color prints. This new ultra-modern printer series from HP enables you to get high-quality prints by connecting the device directly from smartphones, laptops, tablets, notebooks, and desktops efficiently.


However, HP printers, like most electronic applications, also require proper care and maintenance to maintain their optimal performance, and the absence of proper maintenance can lead to difficult technical problems. How to diagnose hp printer problems is a common query of users. There is no better way to diagnose the following complex faults than to call the HP Printer Technical Support phone number, especially when you are not confident enough to open your printer and fix it.


Some Common HP Printer Problems and How to Fix Them


Connection drops

The HP printer disconnects every time the machine loses its wireless connection. There can be myriad reasons behind this problem of not maintaining wireless connection efficiently: (a) possibly your network and internet connections are temporarily or permanently disconnected, (b) check for a poor signal quality problem, and (c) verify the printer is not connected to the wrong network.


Speed ​​is slow

It is one of the most common problems many users encounter when printing daily outputs. Oftentimes, the real culprit for this glitch is "high-quality, detailed printouts" that negatively degrade average printer performance. It occurs when you order your machine to produce detailed prints that are generally time-consuming to produce high-quality prints.


Add RAM to your HP printer

A high-end series from HP comes with shared design concepts like a CPU, a network interface, RAM, and other parts. There is always the possibility of improving the performance of the printer by installing additional RAM. Call the HP technical support number to install the RAM properly and get a performance boost.


Paper jams

It is counted as the most common failure that occurs for a myriad of reasons, such as the wrong type of paper or worn rollers.


Error message 50.4

This problem comes with newer HP LaserJet printers with a power supply failure. It usually occurs when the machine is connected to a UPS that can be further damaged by power surges.


The printer has no power indicator


First, make sure the printer is turned on. When a printer is on, it should have some light or LED (usually green) to indicate that it is receiving power.


If you don't have an indicator light, make sure the printer is connected to a working electrical outlet by checking each end of the power cord. Then press the power button on the printer.


If, after performing the steps above, the printer still does not display a power status light, your printer may have a serious internal hardware problem. We suggest that you contact the printer manufacturer for repair or replacement.


Printer error (orange or flashing light)


After the printer has completed its initial startup, you will see a solid color light. If the indicator is orange or flashing, this is often an indication of a printer error. A paper jam or a problem with the ink or toner cartridge can cause the error.


Since there are no standards for all printers, if you see a blinking light, visit the manufacturer's website or check the printer manual for specific details of the error.


"Cannot print" problem


Make sure the printer is turned on and there is paper in the paper tray. If you are still unable to print, HP provides a Print Diagnostic Utility (Windows only) that can help resolve many common "Cannot print" problems.

On your computer's Start menu, click All Programs and then HP. For the HP Photosmart series (such as 6520, 7520, etc.), click the HP Photosmart series, click the Help button and then double-click HP Print Diagnostic Utility.


If the print quality is not acceptable, try the following to improve the print quality:

Use printer status and print quality report to diagnose printer and print quality problems. On the home screen, tap the Settings icon and then tap Tools. Touch Printer Status Report or Print Quality Report.

If your printouts show misaligned colors or lines, try aligning the printer. See Align Printer for more information.


"Cannot scan" problem


HP provides a scan diagnostic utility (Windows only) that can help resolve many common "Cannot scan" problems.

On your computer's Start menu, click All Programs and then HP. For HP Photosmart 6520 series, click HP Photosmart 6520 series, click the Help button, and then double-click HP Scan Diagnostic Utility.


"Can't connect" problem


Check the network settings or print the wireless test report to help diagnose network connection problems. To check the network settings or print a wireless test report

On the home screen, tap the Wireless icon and then tap Settings.

Touch and drag your finger vertically to scroll through the options. Touch Show Network Settings or Print Wireless Test Report.




If you facing any issue with your HP printer you can contact us. Call the HP customer service number if you do not have professional machine knowledge to diagnose hp printer problems. Our expert technicians are available for you.