How to troubleshoot HP printer


Is your HP printer not responding on your MacBook or Windows PC? Can't print anything with your HP printer? If yes, then we have a solution. Follow these simple step-by-step guides that will help you fix the problem on your computer in a short amount of time.

HP printers are one of the best printers available worldwide in the electronics market. These printers are inexpensive. HP printers are the solution to all your printing requirements at your workplace or at home.

HP makes the best, high-quality printers at the cheapest price. But it also comes with some major or minor issues, such as the HP printer not reporting the problem.


HP printer users commonly face the problem when their printer just refuses to print anything. This issue can arise due to various reasons ranging from connectivity issues to faulty settings or drivers. If you have any such problem, the following hp printer troubleshooting steps will help you get rid of your printer, not the printing problem.


Go to basic troubleshooting


In case your HP printer stops working, the first thing to do is check the status of the connection between your printer and your computer. Make sure all your devices are properly connected to each other and that the network or cable you use to connect these devices is working.


You may also have the opportunity to restart your HP printer. Turn it off for a couple of minutes, unplug the cord and leave it for a few minutes. Now, connect the cable to the printer and turn it on. See if your problem is solved.


Update or reinstall the necessary drivers


Most of the time, printers show problems due to faulty drivers. You may need to update or reinstall these drivers to fix your printing problem.


Set your default printer


  • When you try to print something, your computer will automatically assign that print task to the default printer, unless you choose to do it manually with another printer. Therefore, your HP printer will not be able to print anything if you have not set it as the default printer or selected it as the printer for printing.

  • If your HP printer is not set as the default, follow these steps to make it your default printer:

  • Press the Window key together with the R key, both at the same time. This will open the Run dialog box. Type Control Panel in the dialog box and press Enter to open the Control Panel.

  • Select Devices and Printers in the Control Panel.

  • In the Printers section, right-click your HP printer logo and select Set as Default Printer. Click yes if prompted.

  • Now, you can see a checkmark under your HP printer icon. This means that your printer is now set as the default printer.


Cancel all print jobs


Another common problem that causes the printer to not work is the stuck print queue. If there are failed print jobs in your print queue, it can restrict the normal operation of your printer. Clear all your print jobs to get your printer back to normal.


Go to Control Panel and open Devices and Printers.

Right-click on your HP printer in the Printers section and select See what's printing.

Open the Printer menu and select Open as administrator.

Once again, open the Printer menu and select Cancel All Documents.

When the request window opens, confirm your action.



Many users today report that their HP printer software has suddenly stopped working, with worrying messages implying that their software is malicious and will "harm your computer." Given the recent issues with MRT version 1.68, it's easy to attribute this to the update itself, although this message is clearly not coming from MRT. Could it be that the XProtect update also broke?


Thanks to Thomas Reed's work at Malwarebytes, I can answer that this has nothing to do with XProtect or MRT. He is seeing that message because macOS is verifying the signature in his HP printer software and he is being told that his signing certificate has been revoked. However, the strange thing is that this does not seem to affect High Sierra or older versions of macOS.


If you ever see an error alert reporting this type of problem, first check the signature on the software it refers to. If you're not an expert at doing that in Terminal, open up my free ArchiChect, drag, and drop the item onto it to see your report.




If these steps do not help for how to troubleshoot HP Printer problem, please let us know in the mail or you can get instant support for HP printers by dialing the HP printer support number.