Steps to fix HP printer not printing issue


In the age of advanced printing technology, HP printers have become the highest quality printing devices for various printing purposes. These printing machines are producing fast results. While using them, you may be faced with an HP printer not printing on the left side of the page. According to the experts from the HP support team, this error is very annoying for most printer users. This situation becomes more problematic when they cannot give impressions. By using it, users may face different kinds of technical problems. Therefore, users must know about them.


What is the HP printer not printing on the left side of the page?


The HP printer is one of the most important devices for any computer user. Helps to complete all printing tasks in the right way. It is very useful for both staff and clients to get the required details on the pages it generates. Finding pages that have faded on one side of the paper, perhaps annoying, find the solution. HP printer not printing is a common issue. The problem may be due to the quality of the papers or wear on the toner/ink cartridge, or it may be a difficult problem that requires professional repair and technical attention. However, you can follow many simple troubleshooting instructions to easily correct this error.


A printer is an essential part of any business because both your staff and your customers need to get the information from the pages it produces. Discovering faded pages on one side of the paper can be very frustrating. The problem may be due to a simple problem such as printer paper quality or ink/toner cartridge wear, or it could be a more serious problem that requires professional repair. However, you can take several quick and easy troubleshooting solutions before seeking a professional printer repair.


Fix HP Printer That Doesn't Print on the Left Side of the Page


  • First, you must remove the paper that is presented in the printer's paper tray.

  • Replace the old paper with new paper. It may be the possibility that the old paper has gotten wet on one side or an uneven surface of the paper is creating the problem and replacing it with new paper will decide if this is the case.

  • Start a word processing program or a web browser and navigate to any page, which is completely filled with graphics and text.

  • Go print the page on new quality paper and make sure the page is freshly printed to see if the error continues. If the paper is constantly printing, the cause was old paper. If not, go for the next one.

  • Carefully check the condition of the toner or ink in your machine. At the base of the printer model, there may be a message that shows "Ink Low", or it may be a simple status that indicates red, yellow, or orange when the cartridge needs the correct replacement. If the indicator shows that the replacement is necessary and goes to the next one.

  • You need to open the toner carriage/ink cartridge area and take out the cartridge.

  • Put a new cartridge in the required ink/toner cartridge carriage.

  • Launch a word processing program or web browser and navigate to any page full of graphics and text.

  • Apply the test for the print page and make sure the newly printed page confirms that it prints consistently. If the page does not print correctly, go to the next one.

  • Advise users of the printer shipped with the machine to obtain the details of the authorized repair facilities for the machine.

  • You can contact an authorized center to make a request for suggestions from the technicians to technically repair the printing machine.


Printers not printing is a common problem for HP printer users. This issue can be caused by various reasons, from connectivity issues to faulty configurations or drivers. If you are struggling to find a good solution, you can try the following methods. They can help you fix your HP printer printing problem.


You can fix some problems at first when you find that your HP printer stops working. You should check the status of the connection between your printer and your computer. Make sure your devices are properly connected to each other and the network or cable you use to connect these devices is normal.

You can also try restarting your HP printer. Turn it off completely and unplug the power cord, leave it for a couple of minutes, and then plug the cord back in and turn on the printer. See if your printer can print as normally as before.




Therefore, by following all of these instructions above, you can correct the hp printer not printing on left side of page. Still, if you have any technical issues, you can call our certified printer experts instantly.